Laurie’s Comments:

At this stage of my life I feel more enthusiastic about life than ever before. Leaving friends, family and clients from the office in the Portland area of 33 years was hard. In the long run I view this new chapter in central Oregon as an opportunity to embrace continued growth and achievement for myself through new contacts & more options for teaching & writing. I have been delayed in creating my book “SEER,” which is a compilation of the many cases I have worked on over the years. My goal now is for the book to be finished and to move again into the teaching world, revising the over 30 workshop categories I have given over the last 40 years. I am ready to gratefully receive whatever the universe presents to me. I must add that my husband Bob has been unfailingly supportive and incredible in his enthusiasm for any of my ideas or creative business ideas. He has always been on my same page and I am fortunate to have him.