What is a reading?
A session in which the reader [or psychic] demonstrates through fact and character description, the client’s inner most thoughts, desires and circumstances.  A highly developed and professional reader asks no leading questions.  The session should flow in the sense that data is being released through the psychic that pertains only to the person in question.

Psychics generally acquire their talents through two means – inherent ability or emotional or physical trauma.

Each session is individual to the clients needs and issues in life. Typically an in-depth description of the client’s personality, names of those of importance in that person’s life, as well as accurate dates and events are given. This is done to assure confirmation, and not generalities. The client is allowed questions before the conclusion.

Laurie employs a background of 14 years experience in intensive care as well as psychiatric nursing to bring compassion and healing to her work. Adding to that a high rate of accuracy for both introspection, as well as predictions, make her sessions a highly charged and an unforgettable experience.

Length: All sessions are tape recorded
30 min: $100
45 min: $175
60 min: $230

Retainers: Six Questions are pre-paid
90 day limit to use

Cases: Missing person/homicide, no charge to police agencies. I regret the sheer volume of missing person cases I am asked to work on require that I charge when police are not involved. A basic fee of $230 is requested.

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